Project Overview

We were asked to design a highly engaging vacation rental management app for hosts. Critical to our success were deep dive innovation sessions that led to the development of a consumer-oriented interface that gave users an easy and fun way to manage their vacation properties.


Mobile App + Branding


Coming Soon for Android and iOS


Color Coded To-Do Cards

We designed an experience where a user could literally do all necessary actions with simple to-do cards that they could take action on with a single tap or ignore by swipping left or right. The cards were color coded to match the navigation categories within the app: My Place, Guests, Neighbors (competitors in the hotel world), and Scores.

Gamification to Drive More Guests, Reviews and Revenue.

Our client wanted to gamify the application to increase engagement, make it fun and create friendly competition. Our solution scores listings based on the following and more: content quality, reviews and response time. The competition aspect helps owners see areas where they need to improve.

Designing For Users, With Developers In Mind.

We designed, tested and iterated the Hostamatic mobile app using high-fidelity prototypes. Not only does this make for a better product release, the real-world prototype enables the development team to see exactly how the app is supposed to look and function. The end result is an app that is built as designed with a minimum development cost and maximum time efficiency.

TOOL TIP was the tool of choice for this high-fidelity prototype. It allows the users to swipe those to-do cards, animate screens, faux account sign up/sign in, connect to live data, and more.