Project Overview

TripFlip is a native mobile app designed specifically for finding and booking the lowest rates based on high-touch interactions that ‘coach’ you on when you should book; today, next week or next month. Have a reservation but need to cancel the trip? No problem. Flip it on TripFlip and you might even make a few bucks.


Mobile App + Web App + Branding


Coming Soon for Android and iOS


Define. Design. Prototype. Success!

We collaborated closely with the client to define the application’s goals, key user functions, business rules and overall “tone” of the user experience. The Volo team then designed and iterated early prototypes, while tweaking the consumer messaging to get it right. *And yes, additional functionality was added during the design process. It’s ok. Apps are living, breathing software.

Engaging Through Conversation

The Volo team wrote and delivered an interface that provides users with intelligent and conversational booking recommendations on when rates will be at their lowest…right now, in the next several days or next week.

Delivering Perfection

Volo’s processes and capabilities ensured that the project ran exceedingly smooth. We considered every detail such as on-boarding, loading animations, error states and more. Then we prepared the project files and delivered them to the internal development team along with style guides, detailed application flows and working prototypes.


Invision app allows for a truly collaborative approach with our clients every step of the way. From commenting on simple click-through wireframes, to approving final screen designs so the development team can step in and get a detailed view of user interface styling elements.